Dale Morris


PLEASE NOTE: We allow up to 10 days for your video to be returned by your chosen personality. We cannot provide any guarantees that your video will be returned before the 10 day period, however if your video is required at short notice please advise us in the comments section and we will make it a booking priority which will give it the best chance of being returned by your due date. Please keep this in mind when booking videos with very short return dates. Buyer discretion required.

We want to make your video as personalised as possible and to do so we require some information from you! Some suggestions for you to consider; Funny stories about the recipient including; nicknames held, talking points from his/her life, incidents, fond memories relating to the individual, his/her love of sports/sports teams/favourite players. We can also use anything else you think is relevant to your loved one. Remember no two videos will ever look the same! So help us produce something memorable.”

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