About Us

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About Us

We are an Australian owned and operated business with years of experience and knowledge of the sports, comedy and music entertainment industry.

Our relationship with our talent is our strength. The personalities you’ll find on this platform are a part of our organisation as not only colleagues and business associates, but friends who are invested in what we do here at Entertainment By Vin.

The strong relationships we share with your favourite stars will be of great benefit to our clients, as we help you to create amazing, personalised messages you won’t find elsewhere.

EBV is a multifaceted company specialising in 4 core aspects of our business;

  1. Producing and co-ordinating live sports and comedy events.
  2. Assisting others with booking talent and reaching fundraising goals.
  3. Specialising in the sourcing and sale of quality sports memorabilia and collectables.
  4. Due to the growing demand we have now expanded our operations into the world of online personalised video messages for fans!

With access to over 1500 of Australia’s leading sports, comedy, music & lifestyle celebrities we have what it takes to ensure your next project is a winner!